Remington Steel Arts are well known for their Remington Knives which are used by quality conscious establishments all over the country.In keeping with the same tradition, the Remington Can Opener is another product which is useful, safe and offers a convenient way to open cans and containers of fruit juice, vegetable, pickle or other allied food products.It has been observed that conventioned way of opening cans by hammering knives on can edges etc are not only unscientific but also very unhygienic. Since high standards of hygiene need to be adhered to especially in cases of food products, the traditional ways of opening the can makes the foodstuff vulnerable to rust, bacteria and other contamination. Also the uneven edges left by cutting can cause injury to the user and there are chances of blood contaminating the food material.Conscientious hotels, restaurants, catering units and homes find the Remington Can Opener handy for these very reasons. The Remington Heavy Duty Can Opener can be attended to any worktable or installed in a convenient place. A steel platform serves to station the can which has an adjustable top rotary handle and a blade that when placed o the cans edge, neatly cuts it so as to leave no jagged edges. Since the blade moves to the rotation of the handle, the can lid is untouched by hand, making the opening process hygienic and convenient.

The Remington Can Opener blade is made of superior food grade steel which ensures cutting even tough seals with ease. The Can Opener works on the physical movements of its parts, which render hassle free service for years.

All the Knives are available in all the color coded handles i.e RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE & BROWN