Chef’s Knives

One of the most important knife for all chef’s. Helps them with effortless cutting operation. Long and broad blade. full Length Tang for perfect balance and contour.

Slicing Knives

Long and perfectly heat treated slim tough steel blade. suitable for cutting meat cleanly and evenly. Available in different sizes to meet every chef’s requirement

Slicing Knives with Hollow Ground Edge

available in three sizes. Flexible Blade with hollows on each side cutting edge. Useful in cutting paper thin slices of Salmon and Ham.

De – Boning Knives

Very Slim & strong Blade, that removes bones easily. Available in different sizes.

Filleting Knives

Long, slim and Flexible Blade that cuts fish, meat into paper thin layers.

Decorating/Bunt Knives

Tough and strong blade with Aig-Zag point. Cuts butter or vegetable like carrots, potatores in decorative pattern.

Bread Knives

Available in different shapes and sizes. Long strong blade with scalloped edges. Penetrates hard crusts and slices evenly through bread.


available in sizes ranging from 6″ to 14 “. Flexible blade with rounded tip. Used for spreading pastry and icing and for lifting and turning pancakes etc.

Steak Knives

Long and Strong Blade with or without serrations cuts grilled meat and steak easily and effortlessly.

Vegetable Knives

Small and strong blade. It cleans and cuts fruits and vegetable.

Paring and Turning Knives

Sharp and slim blade with hair cutting edge. Ideal for vegetable peeling. Paring of lean meat and filleting or oranges.

Tomato Knives

Blade with forked tip with serrated cutting edge. Cuts easily through the tough skin and soft interior of tomatoes. the forked tip allows easy picking up and serving or the slices.

Butcher Knives

Long, Strong, Narrow and Broad blade. Available in different sizes. Ideal for cutting hard and soft meat easily.

Fruits Knives

Blade Medium sized, handy and versatile knife with scalloped edge. Cuts cheese, tomatoes or bread nicely.

Salmon Knives

Long and extra slim flexible blade. Cuts salmon into paper thin slices.